MOZ just put on a clinic on how to take website criticism

I recently upgraded a MOZ account that I administer and when the upgrade was done I was presented with what appeared to be a CRO’d page asking me to upgrade. I was initially confused and thought maybe I had to click one more time to complete the upgrade, but quickly realized that would charge the account more money and upgrade the account again. Frustrated that such a trusted brand would do this I decided to show them the page via Twitter.

As webmasters, developers, UXers, designers, and SEOs it’s easy to get attached to this wonderful website we’ve created, it’s a culmination of ours and our teams thought, creativity, and hard work. When it feels like someone is insulting this the knee-jerk reaction can be to tell them they are doo-doo heads and move on with your life. However, the internet is full of critics, what defines your brand online is how you reply to critics and how you take criticism. Whoever runs MOZ’s Twitter account I think handled it perfectly. The exchange between us is below.

Notice they never agreed to change the page, but they accepted the critique, seem to admit it’s not a great experience and alluded that they’ll make this page better. The end result is I’m back to being a happy customer, I had a good interaction with a brand I like.

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