Currently Working at: Joe Youngblood Consulting / Winner Winner Chicken Dinner / Doing Business for Good / Digital By Events

Joe Youngblood Online Bios

My Belief System:

  1. SEO / Digital marketing is a process.
  2. Higher rankings are achieved through knowledge and understanding and providing a good UX
  3. Dont trust Google / Bing / other platforms inherently, look for motive and experiment
  4. Do right by your community / society
  5. People are the heart of the internet, not bots
  6. Be original, Be unique, Be heard, Be authoritative
  7. A culture of experimentation is paramount for online success
  8. Online it’s typically he who moves fastest that wins the most traffic
  9. If you feel like you need to: spam, hack sites, buy links for rankings, your product and site probably suck

Current Projects
I’m working on a few things right now. You can find these things in the list below. Please check them out and give me your feedback!

  • RPS Relocation – A moving quote website that dedicates itself to supporting homeless charities.
  • Tool Highlight Tuesday – A weekly video series covering web-based tools, WordPress plugins, and mobile apps for digital marketers to use.
  • RedditAdvertising.com – A blog covering changes, questions, and case studies about Reddit Ads. Ran by Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Past Projects
I began building and developing websites at age 14 in 1994 and constantly look for new ways to create websites and digital services that users find useful. My past projects have been on national cable news programs, in large magazines, and on small blogs most often gaining organic presence based on the service quality and uniqueness.

Just a few things I’ve accomplished.

Client Work Examples
Here are a few examples of work I’ve done for various clients. This list includes collaborative efforts where I was a consultant and where I was the executer of the projects. My work covers a very wide range from Digital PR to very specific technical SEO implementations. My work has been covered on thousands of websites and boosted clients rankings in search engines, gained new conversions, lowered customer acquisition costs, increased overall order values, and improved customer satisfaction.