Motivation and Education Monday Playlist

We all need a little encouragement every now and then, a lot of us on Mondays. I built this playlist of YouTube videos to help drive up my own motivation and enthusiasm when getting work done. The playlist combines motivation speech videos, rock music, classic rock music, hip-hop, and educational videos to create an environment to help propel you to finishing your work.


  1. Turn on the playlist with shuffle on
  2. Add coffee
  3. Work, Work, work

The playlist will be updated on an ongoing basis as I find new interesting videos, discover new music, and find new motivational speeches. Currently the playlist includes the following videos.

Educational Videos:

  • Jonas Ellison – “How to solve traffic jams”
  • Kurzgesagt – “Fermi Paradox part 1”
  • Kurzgesagt – “Fermi Paradox part 2”
  • Sir Ken Robinson – “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”
  • David Gallo – “Underwater Astonishments”
  • Tony Robbins – “Why We Do What We Do”
  • Simon Sinek – “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”
  • Hans Rosling – “Debunking Third World Myths”
  • Alltime10s – “10 Amazing Accidental Discoveries”
  • ColdFusion – “Google’s Deepmind Explained”
  • Casually Explained – “Magnets” (humor)
  • Alltime10s – “10 Worst Apps Ever Made”
  • TheRichest – “10 TV Shows that predicted the Future”
  • Keith Barry – “Brain Magic”
  • Mary Roach – “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasms”
  • Dr. Rex Jung – “Here Be Dragons”
  • CGP Grey – “Humans Need Not Apply”
  • James Veitch – “This is What Happens When You Reply To Spam Email”
  • HackerDashery – “P vs NP and the Computational Complexity Zoo”
  • Seth Godin – “How to Get Your Ideas to Spread”

Motivational Speeches:

  • “When it Hurts”
  • Top Gun – “A Confidence Problem”
  • Steve Jobs – “2005 Stanford Commencement Address”


  • AC/DC – “Thunderstruck”
  • Rage Against the Machine – “Sleep Now in the Fire”
  • Rage Against the Machine – “Testify”
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Give it away”
  • Maroon 5 – “Harder to Breathe”
  • Survivor – “Eye of the Tiger”
  • Metallica – “Creeping Death”
  • Jay-Z – “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”
  • Fall Out Boy – “Uma Thurman”
  • Foo Fighters – “The Pretender”
  • Paul Engemann – “Push It To The Limit”
  • Kenny Loggins – “Highway to the Danger Zone”
  • Bonnie Tyler – “I Need a Hero”
  • Bon Jovie – “It’s my life”
  • Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Can’t Hold us”
  • John Newman – “Love me Again”
  • 3 Doors Down – “Its not my time”
  • DNCE – “Cake by the Ocean”

If you listen to this playlist I highly recommend just hitting the shuffle button and then minimizing your browser while you listen to keep from getting distracted by the video content.

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