Christmas Fireplace Video Playlist

It’s that time of year again. The time when we’re not working and instead are relaxing at home. For many of you that means a holiday party or two, family, and some football (Go Chiefs!). But for others that are single or have family in distant locations it can mean a lot of alone time and after clocking in 50-70 hour work weeks all year you might find the sudden amount of free time hard to deal with. I’ve been a bachelor away from my family for most Christmases since 2009 and if like me you fidget a lot I thought perhaps this might help you relax as well. If you have a fireplace grab a cup of hot coffee, tea, or cocoa and relax by the fire, if you don’t have a fireplace I made this playlist for you.

This is a playlist I’ll try to keep updated. The list is filled with fireplace videos from YouTube all lasting for an hour or longer and some with Christmas music playing in the background. I suggest pulling this playlist up on your TV, setting it to shuffle (if you can), grabbing a book and relaxing on your sofa. This playlist helps me unwind during the holidays and keep from getting too stir crazy for work and I hope it helps you a little too.

The playlist includes the following videos:

  • Iron Man Fireplace Video
  • Guardians (of the Galaxy) Christmas Fireplace Video w/ Baby Groot
  • Thor Fireplace Video
  • Captain American Fireplace Video
  • 1 Hour Christmas Fireplace and Music Video
  • Bright Burning Christmas Fireplace Video
  • Ms. Marvel Fireplace Video
  • Crackling Fireplace Video with Storm Sounds
  • Burning Fireplace Video With Crackling Sounds
  • Christmas Fireplace Video with Crackling Fire Sounds
  • 4k HD Christmas Fireplace Video
  • 4k HD Campfire by the River Video
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