The Multigenerational Principle

The Multigenerational Principal is based on consumer behavior, established marketing principles, and advancing technology. Put simply this principle states that as technology continues to become increasingly faster and less expensive (Moore’s Law) and as the probability that a single human being on the planet will be able to access all information instantaneously (Godin’s Law) that the format content distributed by the internet, displayed on digital devices, and consumed by the customers of a business will continue to evolve. Because of this marketers should pay attention to the new forms of content that are able to be created related to their current content.

While the core messages of marketing for a company, brand, or product may not change. Over time the way in which that content is conveyed to consumers will. It is also equally likely that older formats of content will become obsolete or stay relevant meaning that as long as Moore’s Law and Godin’s Law stay true the number of formats of content will continue to grow and along with it consume expectations.

This is particularly relevant in social media where each different platform tends to establish itself with a new or different content format. Here are some examples:

  • Facebook – Status updates to friends and family
  • Twitter – Microblogging
  • LinkedIn – Business updates
  • YouTube – Video hosting
  • Pinterest – Pinboards / Image collections
  • Instagram – Filters applied to images
  • Reddit – Subreddits filled with various types of content
  • Imgur – Static images, GIFs, and Image Galleries
  • – Live streaming video games
  • Snapchat – Augmented Reality Live Video Chats / Photos
  • Medium – Long form blog post style content

Using this principle you can plan ahead and react quickly to the changing landscape of digital content. This presentation was originally given on February 22nd, 2017 at Pubcon SFIMA in Fort Lauderdale, FL.