GamersTube was founded in 2006 and sunset in October of 2013. During it’s 7 year lifespan GamersTube was at one point the highest quality HD video site dedicated to gamers, built a dedicated user based of over 80,000 users, was used by as the official Blizzcon 2008 panel video host, and introduced numerous ways to improve the online video viewing experience for the gaming community, including the Gamers Marketplace. GamersTube also owned several smaller ancillary websites targeted to just one game or part of the gaming community. These sites included Spore Videos, Call of Duty Videos, Star Trek Movie Trailer, a 1337 code translator, and more.

To everyone who was a part of this special journey I wanted to give a heartfelt thank you. Especially to Jeremy “Techmnkyz” May and Tony “Cerealkilla” Chapman, without whom GamersTube would have never been built or succeeded in any fashion.

If you’re looking for a good alternative site to use, unfortunately YouTube is probably your best option. I am also a huge fan of everything the guys at are doing and hope they stick around to keep giving the community a great live streaming experience.

Game on.
Joe Youngblood
GamersTube co-founder

  • Anony M.

    Why were things shut down? Just curious as I love let’s plays and apparently you had a good number of them.

    • Joe Youngblood


      We had issues generating sustainable revenue and bigger issues improving the platform to keep pace with YouTube. We had a good head start, but came up short.

    • joeyoungblood

      Sorry for the delayed response. GamersTube had a few problems that couldn’t be resolved without outside funding: 1. bandwidth and 2. developing new tools and better quality transcoding for our users. It took YouTube from 2006 – 2010 but they eventually surpassed our feature set and our quality of streaming.

      Tack on top of that constant hacking attempts, and a lack of available investment capital in our local area (Dallas – Fort Worth) and it created a perfect storm. Twitch, WeGame and others consistently got investment capital due to their proximity to the Bay Area. We had actually been in talks to launch live streaming for only video games back in 2007 but lacked the equipment and capital to access it.

      I have a lot of love for the gaming community and hope I can give something later in life, but GamersTube had too many hills to climb.

      • Utility

        YouTube rivals died off like plague victims

        • joeyoungblood

          Yes, very unfortunate. Google just had all the right infrastructure to leap over copyright issues, networking issues, and monetization issues. I’m very hopeful that sites like, Twitter’s Vine, Facebook Video, Twitch, etc… continue to dig into Google’s video hegemony so we can get back to a heyday of creative video websites and services.

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